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Signs of Nursing Home Neglect

 Posted on May 17,2024 in Uncategorized

IL injury lawyerWhen your aging parents can no longer live independently, and your home is not a suitable option for them, nursing homes can be a great solution. Residents get to socialize with other people in a similar stage in life, and there are activities specially geared for them. Loving adult children spend a lot of time and effort researching a nursing home where their parents can live in comfort and dignity.

Unfortunately, nursing home residents are vulnerable to neglect. Due to their advanced age, they need to depend on others for things like getting in and out of bed and eating. If they are not very verbal, they may not be able to ask for help, and once they have gone unnoticed, they also can not complain so it does not happen again. Others might have dementia or other cognitive issues and an orderly wishing to avoid repercussions can claim the resident is simply misremembering what happened. It can be awful wondering whether your parents are being subjected to neglect in their new home. This article will review some tell-tale signs of nursing home neglect. If this has raised any red flags for you, speak with an experienced Mt. Prospect, IL nursing home neglect attorney to go over your options.

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Is My Boss Responsible for Construction Accidents?

 Posted on April 14,2024 in Uncategorized

IL injury lawyerWhen someone gets injured at their job, they are generally eligible for workers’ compensation to cover their injury-related costs. As a construction worker, you know the importance of safe work conditions. If equipment is not properly secured or maintained, the results can be very severe. However, it might be confusing to figure out who is responsible for all of this on a construction site. Is it the construction workers’ responsibility to make sure everything is done the way it is supposed to? Or is it their employer’s job to supervise and check that care is taken to ensure that the construction is happening in a safe environment? Might responsibility fall with a contractor, the owner of the construction site, or the manufacturer of the equipment you used? If you were injured at your construction job, determining who was responsible is critical for you to get compensation for your injuries. An experienced DuPage County, IL workers’ compensation lawyer can review your case and guide you in submitting a claim for damages.

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How Can I Get Money For a Car Crash That Was Not My Fault?

 Posted on March 25,2024 in Uncategorized

Mt. Prospect, IL car accident lawyerBeing involved in a car accident that was not your fault can be a traumatic and overwhelming experience. Not only do you have to deal with injuries and property damage, but you may also face financial losses because of medical expenses, lost wages, and other related costs. Fortunately, an Illinois lawyer can help you seek compensation if you have been injured in a car accident caused by another party’s negligence.

Determining Fault

The first step in pursuing compensation for a car accident is to determine who was at fault. In Illinois, the legal concept of “negligence” applies to car accident cases. Negligence occurs when a driver fails to exercise the degree of care that a reasonably prudent person would have used under the same circumstances. Some common examples of negligent driving behaviors include the following:

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