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Workers' Compensation Claims for Traveling Employees in Illinois

Whenever you are injured while doing your job, in most cases, you are entitled to monetary benefits under Illinois law. When employees are working while traveling between locations, however, it can be more complicated to obtain workers' compensation benefits for such injuries. Workers' compensation benefits for "traveling" employees are often initially contested by employers or their insurance carriers. At Grauer & Kriegel, LLC, our attorneys have been handling workers' compensation cases for over 40 years. We are well-versed in all aspects of workers' compensation law, including claims for traveling employees.

Workers' Compensation Benefits for Traveling Employees in Illinois

For the purposes of workers' compensation, you are a traveling employee if you must travel between locations in order to do your job. When you are injured off your employer's premises, it is important to hire an attorney who concentrates his or her practice in this area of law. There are many jobs in which travel is considered part of the job, such as:

  • Construction workers hired to work at remote locations;
  • Salespeople who work off-premises;
  • Consultants;
  • Airline workers;
  • Truck drivers;
  • Buyers; and
  • Field service engineers.

When you are a traveling employee, your workers' compensation benefits are available for any injury occurring when traveling for that job. That may include an injury sustained while on a business trip, even if the injury occurs in your hotel room or while driving or flying to or from your destination. Insurance companies are often reluctant to approve workers' compensation benefits for traveling employees, but we are experienced in handling these types of claims. Our attorneys vigorously advocate for our clients' rights both through negotiation and litigation.

Workers' compensation benefits are available for those who are injured off-site, even if they are not technically considered a traveling employee. However, obtaining those benefits can be more challenging. We must prove that you were actually in the course of your employment at the time of your injury. Our attorneys have experience with situations like these, and we can help you obtain the benefits you deserve.

If you have been injured while traveling for your job, contact us at 847-240-9010 to schedule a free consultation to discuss your workers' compensation claim. We have the skill and knowledge to help maximize your recovery. Our Schaumburg, Illinois office is located just three blocks west of Woodfield Mall, and we offer flexible scheduling for consultation appointments. Our experienced attorneys represent clients throughout Cook County and its surrounding collar counties in Illinois.

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