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Schaumburg, IL Premises Liability Attorneys

Schaumburg IL premises liability attorney

Lawyers for Premises Liability Lawsuits in Illinois

Premises liability is an area of personal injury law that involves the responsibility of property owners and occupiers to maintain a safe environment for visitors. If a legal visitor to the property is injured or killed while on the property due to an unsafe condition, the property owner may be held civilly liable. At Grauer & Kriegel, LLC, we have over four decades of experience representing clients who have been injured or lost love ones in premises liability accidents.

Accidents on Other People's Property

Those who own or occupy a property have a responsibility to those who visit the property to take all necessary measures to keep them safe. In Illinois law, however, the level of liability varies depending the type of visitor who is injured. The law designates three types of visitors for premises liability claims including:

  • Invitee – if you are invited onto a property, the property owner owes you the highest duty of care. Invitees must be explicitly warned of any hazards, and those hazards should be corrected as soon as possible.
  • Licensee – if you enter a property with the consent of the owner but without an invitation, property owner has a lower duty of care towards you. The owner must warn licensees of potential dangers but does not have to have them fixed immediately.
  • Trespasser – if you enter a property without an invitation or the consent of the owner and without any right to be there, the property owner may not be responsible for your accident. (There are exceptions to this classification for children.)

Regardless of what type of visitor you are, if you are injured while on someone else's property, it is wise to consult with a knowledgeable premises liability attorney. Our attorneys have experience dealing with all types of premise liability cases, from slip and fall accidents to dog bites, and we can guide you through the legal process towards a successful outcome.

If you have been injured in an accident on someone else's property, and you believe you have a premises liability case, contact us at 847-240-9010 to schedule a free initial consultation so we can help you evaluate your legal options. One of our experienced personal injury attorneys will go over the circumstances of your accident with you and explain what you can expect from the legal process. From our office in Schaumburg, we work with clients throughout the Northern Illinois area, including Cook County and DuPage County.

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