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Case Results and Successes

$10 million settlement involving elderly Schaumburg gentleman who went blind after taking heart medication. The drug manufacturer failed to warn his doctors of the drug’s side effects. Product Liability case.
$3 million settlement involving truck/auto collision. Truck driver operating company truck ran red light and collided with Plaintiff’s vehicle which was making a left turn at intersection resulting in the wrongful death of the female driver of the automobile.
$1.4 million structured settlement (valued at $2.75 million). During construction of a building at a north shore country club, an excavator struck a tree causing a large branch to strike 62-year old carpenter. Injuries included crush injury to vertebrae with insertion of two metal rods in carpenter’s back. The carpenter was unable to return to gainful employment.
$1,000,000 in product liability case where 56-year old female’s car shifted from “Park” to “Reverse” due to a defective transmission after she exited her vehicle. She was knocked down and run over by her vehicle while attempting to stop it from running into the neighbor’s home on the other side of the street.
$825,000 premises liability case involving a Des Plaines resident who was using a drain cleaner product to unclog his pipes. He fell into landlord’s defective grease trap and drown. Plaintiff left a widow and two children.
$850,000 with structured settlement to 73-year old Bensenville resident who tripped and fell in the crosswalk from a defectively constructed handicap ramp resulting in quadriplegia.
Structured settlement totaling $750,000 for 14-year old male passenger injured when his sister made a left hand turn at an intersection into oncoming traffic resulting in multiple open compound, displaced fractures of the right tibia/fibula requiring surgery with insertion of right tibial pin and traction.
$455,000 for construction site injury in Des Plaines where electrician fell and permanently injured his knee following a fall.
$435,000 policy limit settlement for six family members involved in van/semi-trailer truck collision in a construction zone resulting in a multiple injuries including skull fractures, fractured thigh, fractured hip and right knee injury requiring surgeries.
$400,000 for 61-year old Des Plaines resident male involved in van/truck collision resulting in right and left shoulder injuries requiring surgery.
$320,000 to a Hanover resident who suffered burn injuries to her face and hands after a gas oven exploded where the contractor failed to properly reinstall the connection to the oven after renovation work.
$314,000 verdict in favor of unemployed, motorcycle driver injured when he rear-ended truck stopped in the same lane waiting to make a left hand turn causing a collision between the motorcycle and the rear of the truck. Motorcycle driver sustained fractures to the left leg requiring surgery.
$225,000 for 40-year old male who tripped and fell in public parking lot pothole and injured his low back requiring surgery.
$200,000 for elderly nursing home patient in Elk Grove Village with Alzheimer’s who was allowed to wander outside the facility due to nursing home’s neglect. Patient fell and sustained hip fracture and head injury.
$165,000 for 92-year old nursing home patient in Buffalo Grove who was immobile and suffering from Alzheimer’s was found in her wheelchair with a leg fracture while in the nursing home facility’s care. Nursing home blamed patient’s son.
Total permanent disability award to 48-year old worker in Wheeling who slipped and fell on ice in his company’s parking lot injuring his lower back which required multiple surgeries. Expected recovery could exceed $2,300,000.
61-year old Des Plaines worker was awarded total permanent disability benefits for life when he slipped on oil at work and was unable to continue in his job due to a lower back injury. Expected recovery could exceed $1,400,000.
Elgin man injured his back while working as a butcher and was awarded total permanent disability benefits for life. Expected recovery could exceed $1,000,000.
Des Plaines police officer was awarded a total permanent disability after his police vehicle was involved in a car accident resulting in a seizure disorder. Total permanent disability for life. Expected recovery will exceed $1,000,000.
43-year old male United Airlines’ mechanic who injured his neck while at work. Unable to return to work as an airline mechanic and was awarded lifetime wage differential benefits. His recovery could exceed $1,000,000.
Total permanent disability awarded to 58-year old hospital maintenance worker as a result of a back injury requiring surgical intervention. His expected recovery could exceed $850,000.
32-year old male laborer who lost his lower arm in an unguarded machine. He was awarded vocational rehabilitation benefits together with a lifetime wage differential award.
30-year old Hanover Park worker who developed Reflex Sympathetic Dystrophy (RSD) due to repetitive work injury was awarded lifetime wage differential benefits. After receiving 14 years of wage differential benefits, petitioner accepted a lump sum settlement.
32-year old water delivery worker slipped and fell on icy sidewalk in Hanover Park and was unable to return to his regular job. He was awarded lifetime wage differential benefits.

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