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Dislocations and Fractures in Cook County and DuPage County Elder Care Facilities

When an elderly person falls, many serious injuries can occur. An elderly individual can even die from a fall. Supervising nursing home residents at risk for falls is an important duty of the nursing staff. Many of the falls that occur in nursing homes are preventable with proper assistance and supervision. At Grauer & Kriegel, LLC, we are skilled in handling all types of nursing home neglect cases including those involving a fall.

Falls in Nursing Homes

When a new resident is admitted into a nursing home, the resident’s physical limitations are specifically outlined for the nursing home staff. For example, those who are unable to walk independently may be confined to a walker or a wheelchair. Making sure that residents have the equipment necessary to get around safely is part of the duties of a nursing home. Nursing homes also have a responsibility to keep walkways clear of things that could be considered hazardous to residents. If a fall occurs, and the nursing home cannot provide you with an acceptable explanation, that should be a red flag that something is not right with the situation. 

While some falls happen so quickly, there is nothing that could have prevented it; that is not always the case. All too often these falls can be attributed to negligence and lack of attention or abuse from the nursing staff. A fall from any height can be devastating in elderly patients. Some common injuries from unexplained falls include:

  • Dislocated Joints
  • Fractures and Broken Bones
  • Bruises and Contusions
  • Head Injuries

All level of injuries can quickly spiral down hill in elderly patients. For example, hip fractures are common in elderly patients that fall on the ground. A hip fracture is a painful injury that can lead to infection, which can lead to death. All falls should be taken seriously so that your loved one can obtain the medical assistance required. 

If your loved one has suffered an injury or died from a fall, contact us at 847-240-9010 to schedule a free consultation to discuss your case. One of our experienced attorneys will answer your questions and explain your legal options. Our office is located in Schaumburg, Illinois, just west of Woodfield Mall, and we offer flexible scheduling for a free consultation. There is no risk in pursuing your legal rights as we do not charge attorneys’ fees unless and until we secure the compensation you deserve.

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