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What To Do After An Accident At Work?

Workplace injuries can happen for many reasons, and workers who are injured on the job will need to understand their rights and the benefits they are eligible to receive. Workers' compensation benefits are crucial in these situations, ensuring that a person receives the proper medical treatment, as well as payments that will help address their loss of income due to their injuries. To make sure they will be able to receive the proper benefits, injured workers will want to get legal help from an experienced attorney following a work injury.

The lawyers of Grauer & Kriegel, LLC have multiple decades of experience representing victims of workplace accidents and other types of injuries. With our strong knowledge of workers' compensation laws in Illinois and our record of success securing financial compensation and other benefits for our clients, we can ensure that injured workers will be able to receive the full compensation they deserve for work-related injuries. We can help file worker's compensation claims, appeal the denial of benefits, and take legal action to ensure that a person will be able to receive benefits that will fully address their injuries and allow them to move forward with their life.

Assistance With Multiple Types of Chicago Work Injury Cases

All employees are entitled to receive workers' compensation benefits following a work-related injury. These may include injuries in workplace accidents, as well as injuries that were caused by the work a person performed and occupational illnesses or diseases contracted while working. The benefits a person can receive will fully cover all medical treatment that is needed. Disability benefits will also be available in cases where a person was unable to work while they were recovering, where a person experienced a reduction in income due to limitations placed on them by their injuries, or where they suffered permanent harm resulting in partial or total disabilities.

We provide representation to multiple different types of workers, including truck and delivery drivers, construction workers, and traveling employees. We can also help union workers determine whether they qualify for any additional benefits on top of workers' compensation. We can assist with cases involving:

  • Back and neck injuries - Workplace accidents may result in spinal cord injuries affecting the neck or back, and in serious cases, these may result in partial or total paralysis of different parts of the body. Car accidents that take place while a person is working may lead to whiplash or strained muscles in the back, resulting in loss of range of motion, chronic pain, and other issues.
  • Workplace falls - Workers at construction sites or other locations may fall from ladders, scaffolds, or upper levels that are not properly protected, and these accidents may lead to multiple types of injuries, including broken bones, spinal cord injuries, traumatic brain injuries, sprains, or dislocated joints.
  • Lifting injuries - Warehouse workers or others who lift heavy objects may experience back injuries, strained muscles, or other forms of bodily harm.
  • Repetitive injuries - Performing regular motions while working can lead to injuries that may affect a person over time, such as carpal tunnel syndrome. To receive workers' comp benefits for these injuries, a person may need to demonstrate that they suffered harm because of the work they performed.
  • Wage differential claims - Disability benefits will provide compensation for the income a person lost due to a work-related injury. These benefits may be calculated by subtracting the income a person currently earns from what they earned prior to being injured, and a person will be able to receive a percentage of this amount.
  • Permanent total disability - If a work injury is severe enough to permanently prevent a person from returning to work, they will be eligible to receive disability benefits for the rest of their lifetime.
  • Third-party claims - When parties other than a worker or their employer were responsible for an accident or injury, an injured worker may be able to pursue a personal injury lawsuit and receive additional compensation that will fully address the damages they have suffered.

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