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Schaumburg, Illinois Wage Differential Claims Lawyers

Schaumburg IL wage differential claims attorneys

Attorneys for Workers' Compensation Claims in Cook County and Surrounding Collar Counties

When you are seriously injured in a workplace accident, you are entitled to workers' compensation benefits. One of those benefits may be a wage differential award. This benefit may be available if, following your accident, a physician issues permanent physical restrictions that prevent you from returning to your previous job position.

When you are forced to accept a lower paying position, you are entitled to partial compensation for the difference between your current and prior wages. Obtaining wage differential benefits can be an uphill battle, however, as insurance companies often initially dispute these claims.

At the workers' compensation law firm of Grauer & Kriegel, LLC, we are highly experienced in handling wage differential claims. We know how to present a compelling case for our clients' rights at the Illinois Workers' Compensation Commission.

Wage Differential Claims in Illinois

When a workplace injury results in physical limitations, there can be several different results. Sometimes, your current employer will be able to offer you a job that accommodates your restrictions, but pays less. This may be called "light duty." Other times, you may have to leave your job and get another lower-paying position elsewhere. In both of these cases, you are eligible for the wage differential benefit under your workers' compensation claim. Our attorneys can guide you through your wage differential benefit calculations, and we will aggressively represent you before the Illinois Workers' Compensation Commission.

If you have been injured on the job and forced to take a pay cut, contact us at 847-240-9010 and schedule a free consultation to learn more about the wage differential benefit you may be entitled to and how we can assist you in asserting your rights. We are located in Schaumburg, Illinois west of Woodfield Mall, and we represent clients throughout the Chicagoland area, including Cook County and its surrounding collar counties.

There is no risk in pursuing the full workers' compensation benefits you deserve, as we only charge attorneys' fees after we secure your financial recovery.

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